Brylie Savina Burleson was born at Fort Bragg. Both parents were in the Army and her dad, Staff Sergeant Geoffrey Burleson served multiple tours. When she was just four, Brylie lost her Dad. She responded with an adult-sized passion for recognizing the heroism of American service members and veterans.

Now age 6, Brylie is a favorite fixture at Dulles Airport near where she and her mother, Celine Burleson, live. Sporting red, white and blue, Brylie greets veterans arriving on Honor Flights. She raises money for organizations that train service dogs for veterans and helps her mother raise those service dogs.

Though she’s still small, Brylie understands the flag and the principles of duty, honor and country it represents. Celine, who nominated her daughter for the Giving Back Tour, told us that Brylie remembered her Dad wanting to purchase a Flags of Valor flag when he came back from Afghanistan. With her extraordinary love of the American flag, Brylie gives so much to others. We are so grateful for the chance to give back to her, by presenting her with an FOV flag and making her Dad’s wish come true.

Please take a few moments to view the following Flags of Valor  videos