Your Friends of NRA – Finger Lakes Committee has raised money  to support the expansion of the  sports in our community through grants to local groups, clubs, organizations, and any individual or agency who supports the shooting sports.

The charitable funds that the Finger Lakes FNRA Committee raises comes from you, our community members.  Your generous donations and underwritings are what make this event the success that it has been and that it can continue to be.

We Thank You for Your Generous Support.

What is Friends of NRA?

Friends of NRA is fundraising at a grassroots level that gives 100% of the proceeds to local, state and national programs through the NRA foundation.  (Click HERE for more info).

What is the NRA Foundation?
The NRA foundation is the leading charitable organization in support of the shooting sports. It supports organizations and programs that ensure the continuation of our proud shooting and hunting heritage.

Foundation grants provide essential funding to benefit programs such as education, law enforcement training, hunter education, conservation and firearms marksmanship training and safety.  See

How are the funds that are raised distributed?
50% of the funds that are raised at an FNRA event go to the National NRA Foundation where they are used to support national programs such as: Eddie Eagle Gun Safety, Law enforcement training programs, Women on Target events, Refuse to be a victim training Educational scholarships, etc.

50% of the funds are given to a state fund committee where they are given out in grants locally. Last year approximately $200,000 was raised statewide.

Some examples of grants from 2013 through our committee include: Firearms and ammunition for 4-H, Youth Hunter Education Challenge – trap shooting supplies, NRA Youth Fest, and a covered rifle range shooting area and benches for a local club that allows free use of their facility for Hunter Education, YHEC, 4-H, and law enforcement agencies.

How do you inquire about or apply for a grant?
All grant applications are now done on-line at

How can you help the Finger Lakes FNRA meet our Purpose?
First, keep coming to our events.
Second, join the committee.

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